Community Development

ICON works from a community development and rights based approach and all our work is centered on this basis.

ICON is involved in a range of community development projects where we engage with people to develop responses to identiifed problems.

  • Our Streets involves undertaking local led planning for the Sean McDermott Street, Railway Street, Rutland Street and Summerhill area. There are ongoing issues and few spaces for children and families to socialise and enjoy community life.   The area is undergoing big changes.  Residents and community groups need to be engaged in a process to allow them to reflect on the space and how we can best create an area where people and families would choose to live, work and invest.
  • Providing Advocacy, Support and Information to people living and working in the area in addressing social exclusion and advocating for better delivery of services.
  • Work on behalf of participants including advocacy, negotiation and mediation with statutory organisations including Dublin City Council and the HSE

  • Supporting acces to further education through assistance with grant applications to enable individuals experiencing educational disadvantage to participate in life long opportunities
  • Host community activities such as a Health Promotion Day for the community to highlight and promote a healthier lifestyle.

  • Organise and implement a community event (Christmas Tree Memorial) highlighting the negative effects of drug use on individuals and families.

  • Voter Education and Active Citizenship Programmes which include voter registration drives and Speed Politics events.

  • Working with community groups to become more effective in their social inclusion work providing tailored supports to meet their specific needs which includes but is not limited to: developing funding applications/ constitutions, managing governance issues, mentoring community groups and community leaders, provision of technical and policy information

  • Delivery of training as required
  • Summer programme and cultural events and once off activities for families and young people 
  • The Big Scream Halloween Festival 

ICON believes in the value and importance of community particpation and strives to ensure that residents are supported and recognised for their engagement in local decision making strucures.  

We aim to: 

  • Work within the community to ascertain the needs of the area and build confidence and the capacity of individuals, families and groups through the development and support of appropriate programmes and activities.

  • Work together to take action on the issues identified.

  • Liaise and network with relevant agencies and service providers within the community and be willing to engage in interagency projects.