ICON is a community network that is based in the north east inner city area, committed to fighting against disadvantage and ensuring that the voice of the community is heard.

ICON is a voluntary organisation made up of community projects, local tenant's groups, as well as individuals working and living in the area. ICON seeks to ensure the community has an active role in local developments and access to support, training, education and employment.

Aims and Objectives

ICON is a forum where issues affecting the north east inner city are discussed and agreed and joint action is planned. It is made up of community and voluntary organisations and individuals living and working in the north east inner city. The broad functions of ICON include:

  • Acting as a source of information

  • Campaigning and lobbying around issues identified within the community

  • Encouraging local policy making through debated and discussion forums

  • Promoting partnership approach between community, voluntary, statutory and business sectors

  • Providing a catalyst to initiate relevant service responses to issues identified within the community

We work on issues including but not limited to addiction, education and employment. We support and work with community activities such as the NEIC Halloween Festival.

ICON works with local authority tenants providing a support and advocacy service in relation to housing and other needs. We are actively engaged with tenants in twelve flat complexes. We work in partnership with Dublin City Council and other state agencies to meet those needs. We have recently extended our remit to work with tenants living in private rented accommodation.

Inherent in the aims of the organisation is a commitment to pursuing a partnership approach between statutory and non-statutory sectors as well as actively encouraging the participation of local tenants and residents in initiatives such as the North Inner City Drugs Task Force and the North Inner City Community Coalition.

ICON is a member of the Dublin City Community Co-operative and receives its core funding through the Social Inclusion Community Activation Programme (SICAP) and additional funding from the North Inner City Drugs and Alcohol Task Force. It acts as the channel of funding for YPAR and the Dormant Accounts funded, Build Your Future Programme. It employs one full time Co-ordinator and two part-time Development workers.