Community Participation Project

This project is funded through the North Inner City Drug & Alcohol Task Force (NICADTF) and is a vital part of ICON’s work in developing and maintaining a community development approach within the NEIC that will assist local people to:

  • Work within the community to ascertain the needs of the area and build confidence and the capacity of individuals, families and groups through the development and support of appropriate programmes and activities.

  • Work together to take action on the issues identified.

  • Liaise and network with relevant agencies and service providers within the community and be willing to engage in interagency projects.

North Inner City Drug and Alcohol Task Force/ ICON Drug & Alcohol Working Group

  • Identify and communicate the needs and aspirations of the community to the North Inner City Drug and Alcohol Task Force in relation to all aspects of addiction.

  • Promote an understanding of the North Inner City Drug and Alcohol Task Force and its’ associated projects to the wider community.

  • Provide the mechanism for the election of the community representatives to the Task Force.

  • Provide on-going support to nominated Task Force Community Representatives to represent issues at Task Force level and assist community representatives to ensure that issues raised at Task Force level are as representative as possible of community concerns.

  • Ensure that Task Force decisions and actions are relayed back to the community and appropriate community structures.

  • Facilitate the ICON Drug & Alcohol Working Group and support the NICDATF in the implementation of the national drug and alcohol strategy, Reducing Harm, Supporting Recovery.